How to get a Zoom account set up

For those who have an immediate need for a Zoom room, we have great news!  You are able to register yourself for a Zoom room using your new school email address.  This should be especially useful and timely for those who have SAI or HS classes starting soon.  If you previously sent me a request to add you to the master Zoom account, I am not able to fulfill this request.  Please just follow these easy steps!  They are also attached to this email.  If you have someone who needs a Zoom room for the first time, we would prefer they register for an account using these steps instead of asking ICS for access to a room that will only be valid through November 30.  

Zoom Access Through Your School Account

1.      Sign out of any Zoom accounts you currently have access to (through ICS or a personal account) and be sure you’ve “quit Zoom” and the app is also closed.

2.      From your web browser, go to

3.      Click on Sign Up, It’s Free 

4.      Confirm your date of birth and continue.

5.      Enter your new school email address. e.g,

6.      Go to your email inbox.

7.      Open the activation email from Zoom and click Activate Zoom account.

8.      Answer “Yes” that you are signing up on behalf of a school.

9.      Fill in the form and consent to all 4 agreements.

10.  Create your password.

11.  Select “Skip this step” to proceed without inviting others.

12.  Go to “My Account” and begin scheduling your sessions.

13.  You will see that your free account is set as a Basic account.  Do not put in a credit card number and do not request payment from the school.  There is no need to upgrade to Pro status because Zoom has removed the 40 minute time limit for schools affected by COVID.  The meeting limit on our free Basic accounts has been lifted.  You are able to record meetings in Zoom Basic, and you will find the recordings in your account when you log in through your browser.  Best practice is to save recordings to your local computer, not the cloud.  (Yes, the cloud is easy, but there is a charge for cloud storage! Please do not save recordings to the cloud.)