How to create hotspot order

New or reactivation Hotspot requests for GE students requires HST approval.  $700 (new) or $600 (renewal) charged to student with HST approval.
New or reactivation Hotpsot requests for SPED students requires SPED director approval.  $0 charged to student with SPED Dir. approval.

  1. Navigate to and then login
  2. Enter the student’s name.
  3. Click on student’s district ID.
  4. Click Create Request.
  5. For Select Order Type, select Tech Order and then click Next
  6. For Category, select Others
  7. For Product Name, enter either **New Verizon Hotspot or **Verizon Hotspot Reactivation (include the two asterisks only for SPED orders).
  8. For Model Number, enter Verizon MiFi.
  9. For Unit Price, enter either $700 for non-SPED or $0 for SPED
  10. For Item URL, enter the URL of the help desk ticket.
  11. For Item Description, put in IMEI, and phone# for reactivation requests (this info is in SnipeIT.  Place the asset tag in the asset tag field after the order is created. Editing this field during order entry is not permitted). For a NEW hotspot, please enter any useful info.  Do not leave blank and DO NOT USE THE WORD SPED.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Select shipping address (NOTE: for a NEW order, this will need to be confirmed with parent as the unit will be drop-shipped) and then click Next.
  14. Click Submit and follow any subsequent on-screen instructions.
  15. Please have the order approved as soon as you are able.
  16. Notify Karen Tirado