Cisco Umbrella - Web Content Filter

Hello Parent or staff member

Thank you for contacting tech. What is Cisco Umbrella? A Cloud based security platform solution that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go. The reason why we are using Cisco Umbrella: 

1. To protect the students, staff and guests from objectionable content

2. To increase network and computer security

3. To maximize productivity Information on how Cisco Umbrella is being used for K-12 grade levels:

Here is a sample list of objectionable content based on categories filtered that would be blocked:

1. Gambling

2. Dating

3. Adult Themes

4. Drugs

5. Hacking

6. Illegal Activities

7. Pornography

8. Terrorism

9. Tobacco

10. Weapons

Parents can request to have additional device web content restrictions on the assigned school device by submitting an IT work request by contacting us by email:

If you have a personal device, we recommend that you acquire an assigned school (PCA, MVA, CPA) laptop device. The reason for this is because we need to be in compliance with the following Federal Law / mandated Policies for K-12 education:

The purpose of being in compliance with the above outline regulations is to prevent violations from occurring in our (PCA, MVA and CPA) schools organization by:

  1. Protecting Identifiable Information (PII student records and employee records)
  2. Protecting student and employee devices from violating web content filtering
  3. Protecting unauthorized access data loss protection against security breaches
  4. Protecting unauthorized disclosure and dissemination of data from cybersecurity attacks
  5. Protecting data and student privacy and IT Security.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

IT Department