Add Adobe Acrobat DC to Google Drive

If not already installed on your computer, please install Google File Stream. For instructions on how to install it, please visit this 
link: How to install Google File Stream.

If you have Google File Stream already installed on your device, ensure you have the Application Launcher for Drive (for Google) 
extension enabled. Click on the 3 dots in the top right of the Chrome browser, go to More Tools and select Extensions. 

Once the extension is enabled, navigate to your Google Drive and right click on a PDF file. When you navigate to the Open With 
option, you should see the Adobe Acrobat DC option listed.

If you don't see that option or run into any other issues, feel free to contact the tech team. 


CPA: 619-749-1974
MVA: 951-395-8943
PCA: 619-749-1928    

(Option 3 for all numbers)