How to Find Your Technology Device Asset Tag and Serial Number

Asset Tag
Each device provided by our Technology Department has an asset tag applied to it. If you have a laptop, you will find the asset tag on the bottom of the device. Depending on which school you belong to, the Asset Tag will look a little different. Here are some examples: 


If you have an older device, the asset tag may look like the ones below

If you have an iPad, the Asset Tag is located on the device and underneath the case. If the iPad is still working well enough to access the settings, you may provide us with the Serial Number instead of taking the case off to access the Asset Tag number. To find the Serial Number, go to Settings > General > About. 

If the iPad Settings cannot be accessed, please take the case off by carefully removing one corner at a time. Depending on the iPad model or when it was purchased, the case may have multiple parts. There may be a silicone rubber part that needs to be removed first before the other plastic pieces. The asset tag will be found on the back of the device.

Serial Number
To find the Serial Number of your laptop, take a look at the bottom of your device. Your serial number is usually preceded by "SN#" or "Serial."

If the serial number is too small to read, try using the camera on your phone to zoom in.